Commercial Buyers
The Whole Baked Goodness list of commercial buyers grows everyday. Wise buyers know they need to increase their offerings of nutritionally dense bakery goods and other foods. WBG brings the healthful baked goods that help managers and buyers at schools, universities, restaurants, coffee houses, hospitals, catering companies and other establishments maintain and improve service to their guests.

In addition to excellent products, the Whole Baked Goodness commercial baking kitchen meets or exceeds the operations of competitors. Here are a few reasons why.
  1.   WBG is equipped for electronic data interchange, easing the exchange of information
  2.   WBG can, upon request, show certified proof of insurance, easing appropriate protection concerns
  3.   Nutrition labeling is in order and available on packaged baked goods
  4.  Regular baking cycles each day assure product availability of standard items
  5.  Special order baking is available with sufficient notice
  6.   Baked-to-order & Pre-Planned Events baking fulfills special requests cost-effectively
  7.   Enhanced Schedule Baking allows kitchen managers to meet tight deadlines and short turnarounds at the best cost, which vary   greatly;    WBG helps buyers with quick, accurate estimates based on the requirements of the Enhanced request
  8.  Logistics and delivery costs also vary according to request, however, many estimated costs scenarios are available to help buyers retain budget control

Every institutional or large volume food service operation is different. Schools and universities, hospitals and restaurants, retail outlets and catering establishments all have various goals and challenges. In many cases, the WBG accounts manager has pre-figured, clarifying points available regarding WBG’s products and specifications, which can assist commercial buyers in determining what is best for the way each one prefers to be serviced. For additional details, please call or fax questions to 877.868.8097.