An expression of our core values in providing superior quality products is WBG's aim for mutual growth and respect with all of those who have a stake in its success.  To this end, we are working here in middle Tennessee with the Department of Agriculture to locate and in some cases partner with small producers of pastured chickens for farm fresh eggs.

We also are investing in Luila Village Ministries in the Democratic Republic of Congo agricultural project.  Fifty acres of land have been purchased for a future hospital, school, and orphanage.  Until such time as there are sufficient funds to begin building, plans are to farm the land for food and income.  It is WBG's goal to quarterly send a share of our profits to assist in this work.

The success of Whole Baked Goodness will continue to come from the consistent expression of our core values which lead us to respect the intrinsic worth of each individual and the global environment; to know that we live in community with others; to love and accept others as they are, and to accept our responsibility to always do whatever good that is within our power to do.