I just love WBG products.  When you can’t eat grains, dairy, soy, etc., it is very exciting to find a company that carries readymade treats that you can order and know that they will both taste good and be good for your dietary needs.
-Catherine Neves-Shelley

There are brownies and then there are THESE brownies. I have tried virtually every oranic, whole grain brownie on the market and none surpass the moistness, chocolately decadence, or superior flavor of WBGs brownies.  They taste like grandma’s brownies - One taste and you may feel guilty for loving them so much.

-Fionda Williams

"Whole Baked Goodness gave me HOPE! I am allergic to wheat and that means no bread or cakes. I was attracted to WBG because they don’t use corn or potato fillers (I’m allergic to both)…just whole grains. I can enjoy ALL of their products knowing that they are delicious and GOOD FOR ME!"

-Catherine R. Caffey, Nashville, TN.

Dear Karen,

I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful products.   The Bundt cake is so rich and delicious, a great change from other gluten-free products which sometimes have a stale taste.  Your product packaging is absolutely gorgeous and your customer service is simply fabulous

Thank you again for the delicious goodies. You haven’t taste true quality until you taste a product from Whole Baked Goodness!

-C.B. Maryland

Whole Baked Goodness is simply delicious!